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Cover: lane lines to shore lines: your complete guide to open water swimming
Lane Lines to Shore Lines: Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming
with Gary Emich,
certified USA Triathlon coach and world record holder for Alcatraz swims (500 crossings without wetsuit or fins);
and Phil DiGirolamo; top age group triathlete, certified USA Triathlon coach and US Masters Swim coach

Lane Lines to Shore Lines: Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming covers an array of topics that will get you out of the pool and into the open water with the physical skills, techniques and mental confidence you need for enjoyable and efficient open water swimming. For newbies, Lane Lines to Shore Lines will strip away whatever fears you may have about the open water and guide you step-by-step towards that feeling of liberation and exhilaration shared by so many other open water swimmers. For the more seasoned, Lane Lines to Shore Lines will teach you the strategies and tactics that can lead you to the next level of performance and give you a competitive race day edge.
Topics include:

  • Basic Safety Considerations
  • Swimming Equipment
  • Swim Skills & Techniques
  • The Challenges of Open Water
  • Physical Acclimatization
  • Creating Inner Warmth
  • Physical and Mental Training
  • Race Day Considerations & Strategies
  • Special 17-Minute Bonus Feature on Swimming From Alcatraz.

2007. 68 minutes.

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Cover: the blueprint: training plans and strategies for triathletes
The Blueprint: Training Plans and Strategies for Triathletes
with Clark Campbell,
former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Swimming Coach

In a classroom setting, Campbell takes you through every conceivable strategic aspect of developing and implementing an effective, time efficient, and scientifically sound year-round training plan. Campbell also discusses:

  • How to add a training program to your already busy schedule
  • How to develop a racing schedule
  • How to develop a year-round, four-phase training program --- including considerations for a single sport season
  • Weekly training cycles that properly break down your training between each event
  • Racing strategies including tactical, physiological, and mental considerations.
An excellent, well-thought-out "blueprint" that will help the novice or the aspiring pro!

32 minutes. 2005.

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Cover: the swim: technique and training for triathletes - an "outside-in" approach to freestyle
The Swim: Technique and Training for Triathletes - An "Outside-In" Approach to Freestyle
with Trip Hedrick,
Multi-time Masters National Swimming Champion and former Iowa State University Head Men's Swimming Coach
and Clark Campbell,
former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Head Women's Swimming Coach

In this 2-DVD presentation, Hedrick and Campbell deliver the most comprehensive, "A to Z" swimming technique and training instruction available!
Disc One, Freestyle Technique, is divided into two parts, Swimming 101 and Swimming 201, with Hedrick and Campbell presenting an instructional progression for freestyle that focuses on an "outside in", extremities-first teaching methodology. In Swimming 101, Hedrick begins in the water with the most basic adaptations to the aquatic environment and then demonstrates a stroke progression beginning with "what the extremities do." He then adds breathing technique and timing to the progression, taking you to the point where it becomes "ability level appropriate" to add body rotation. In Swimming 201, Campbell proceeds with a more advanced level instructional progression including drills that teach a swimmer how to incorporate body rotation into an efficient freestyle. Then, it's "off to the lake" where Campbell offers essential technique, training, and racing strategies for open water.

Disc Two includes Swimming Training, in which Campbell takes you through a classroom segment discussing training methods for swimming. He includes test sets to establish appropriate training zones as well as seasonal, weekly, and daily training strategies. Bonus Features includes a flip turn progression along with training toys/equipment segment to enhance freestyle training!
From novice to seasoned veteran, this DVD is certain to make you a better technical and race-ready swimmer, as well as educating you with training strategies that will help you maximize your invaluable training time!

134 minutes. 2005.

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Cover: the power: strength and conditioning for triathletes
The Power: Strength and Conditioning for Triathletes
with JR Rosania,
BS Exercise Science, CSCS, named "America's Top Trainer" (2004) by Men's Journal

Having coached and competed in more than 130 triathlons (10 of these were "Ironman" triathlons!), Rosania knows, and understands, the strength and conditioning needs for triathletes; Rosania shares this wealth of knowledge in this excellent three-part presentation. In Part 1, JR shares the program's components, key workout factors, and program goals. In Part 2, he teaches and demonstrates over 30 exercises designed to improve overall strength, function, and muscular endurance of triathlon-specific muscles with residual benefits of increasing range of motion, muscle tone, power output, and decreasing the chance of injury from training. JR groups the exercises into core and low back exercises, push/pull exercises, functional legs exercises, and rotator cuff exercises. In Part 3, Rosania shows how to appropriately select exercises from each group to create your own quick, concise and highly efficient program designed to be done two or three times weekly. Rosania concludes with a sample of a detailed weekly workout plan. Rosania's program is specifically designed for minimal equipment needs that include: a pair of light and heavy dumbbells, exercise tubing, a 10-inch high bench, a Swiss ball, a medicine ball, and a timer.

39 minutes. 2005.

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Cover: the bike: technique and training for triathletes
The Bike: Technique and Training for Triathletes
with Clark Campbell,
former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Swimming Coach

In this two-part DVD, former triathlete Clark Campbell discusses and demonstrates cycling technique and training. Campbell begins by demonstrating techniques and sharing strategies that will make you become more aerodynamic, more powerful, and more efficient on the bike. These techniques and drills will aid you in developing a smooth, continuous pedal stroke and will strengthen your hip flexors. Campbell demonstrates the most effective body positions to use when riding up hill, down hill, and around corners. His techniques and tips are designed to maintain speed and safety while conserving energy. "On the course" demonstrations from both pro and amateur multi-sport athletes greatly enhance the technique instruction. In part two of the program, Campbell moves into the classroom where he shares training techniques and strategies that will assist you in making the most of your time on the bike. He discusses and demonstrates incorporating a heart-rate monitor to guide training, the importance of and the use of training zones, along with test sets designed to establish proper training paces, workout components including warm-up and cool-down considerations, and how to train indoors. Campbell also discusses training sessions for bricks and the long ride (using speed bursts --- SBs).

29 minutes. 2005.

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