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Cover: the power: strength and conditioning for triathletes
The Power: Strength and Conditioning for Triathletes
with JR Rosania,
BS Exercise Science, CSCS, named "America's Top Trainer" (2004) by Men's Journal

Having coached and competed in more than 130 triathlons (10 of these were "Ironman" triathlons!), Rosania knows, and understands, the strength and conditioning needs for triathletes; Rosania shares this wealth of knowledge in this excellent three-part presentation. In Part 1, JR shares the program's components, key workout factors, and program goals. In Part 2, he teaches and demonstrates over 30 exercises designed to improve overall strength, function, and muscular endurance of triathlon-specific muscles with residual benefits of increasing range of motion, muscle tone, power output, and decreasing the chance of injury from training. JR groups the exercises into core and low back exercises, push/pull exercises, functional legs exercises, and rotator cuff exercises. In Part 3, Rosania shows how to appropriately select exercises from each group to create your own quick, concise and highly efficient program designed to be done two or three times weekly. Rosania concludes with a sample of a detailed weekly workout plan. Rosania's program is specifically designed for minimal equipment needs that include: a pair of light and heavy dumbbells, exercise tubing, a 10-inch high bench, a Swiss ball, a medicine ball, and a timer.

39 minutes. 2005.

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Cover: the run: technique and training for triathletes
The Run: Technique and Training for Triathletes
with Clark Campbell,
former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Swimming Coach

In Part 1, Proper Running Technique, Campbell begins on the track focusing on establishing an efficient running posture and proper breathing techniques to maximize efficiency. He then discusses and demonstrates common errors in running form. Next, Campbell teaches drills that you can use to ensure proper running form and maximum speed. He then moves from the track to the hill for specific technique instruction covering uphill and downhill form and strategies. In Part 2, Training, Campbell offers a classroom lesson that includes: implementing heart rate and pace for training considerations, establishing and utilizing training zones, and the importance of utilizing different terrain for quality workouts. Also included are tips on incorporating the long run (using speed bursts - SBs), bricks, and road/track races as a part of training.

42 minutes. 2005.

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Cover: the ultimate training, technique, and strategy series for triathletes
The Ultimate Training, Technique, and Strategy Series for Triathletes
This six DVD instructional series offers the most comprehensive technique and training guide for multi-sport athletes ever available! Making no assumptions as to the ability level of the viewer, this series is designed for "the masses", with technique and training tips for the beginner through advanced levels.
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Cover: triathlon training
Triathlon Training
by Michael Finch

No matter what distances you're training for, Triathlon Training offers expert guidance for improving your racing from start to finish. Triathlon Training contains six race-specific programs two for sprint distances, two for Olympic distances, one for the half Ironman and one for the Ironman. The sprint and Olympic programs include target race times to help you choose the best program for yourself, based on your ability level. It also details a 12-week, step-by-step, base-building program that you can use to work up to racing distances. The instruction, time management tips and drills in Triathlon Training will help you make the most effective use of each training day. Insights from athletes' profiles and information on nutrition, supplements, and equipment offer additional ways to maximize training as you prepare for competition. The book examines the most common triathlon injuries, offers advice on preventing those injuries, and details how to treat and recover from them, should they occur. A full-color book with more than 200 photos, Triathlon Training was developed in consultation with USA Triathlon and the British Triathlon Association. Whether you are considering your first triathlon or are committing yourself to Ironman competition, this book will help put you on the path to a successful finish.

2004. 160 pages.

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Cover: swim, bike, run
Swim, Bike, Run
by Clark Campbell, Wes Hobson and Mike Vickers

Gain a competitive edge with the new triathlon training manual from top professional triathlete Wes Hobson. Swim, Bike, Run contains all you need to know to be successful in triathlons of any length, from Sprint to Olympic to Ironman. With years of professional experience to guide you, you'll be racing smarter and faster.Each discipline is discussed in its own section, where you will find key workouts, information on choosing from the latest equipment, and lessons on refiniing your technique. From polishing your swimming stroke, to learning the correct cycling position, to developing great running form, everything you need to improve in every discipline of triathlon is in Swim, Bike, Run. You'll also find information on:

  • balancing workouts to avoid injury and staleness,
  • nutrition tips,
  • mental training,
  • choosing the right event, and
  • planning your season.
Hobson also shares his wealth of experience to teach you winning race strategy and gives tips for your perfect race-day preparation. Swimming expert and former professional triathlete Clark Campbell and accomplished age-group competitor Mike Vickers add their own insights to the mix, giving you a complete manual to optimize your training.If you're motivated to improve your triathlon performance, add knowledge and experience from a top professional to your arsenal and maximize your training with Swim, Bike, Run.

2001. 250 pages.

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