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Cover: open practice: peaking for state & circuit training
Open Practice: Peaking for State & Circuit Training

with Herb Stinson,
former Aztec (NM) High School Head Coach;
member of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) Hall of Fame (2016);
Wrestling USA Magazine National Coach of the Year (1991);
3x NWCA National High School Coach of the Year ('91, '95, '00);
12x NM High School State Champions, including 11 in a row (1990-2000);
6x New Mexico A/3A State Coach of the Year;
coach 65 individual State Champions and won 139 tournament championships; over 500 career wins

National Hall of Fame Coach Herb Stinson has produced 65 individual state champions and coached 12 state championship teams during his coaching career. One of the reasons he's had great success is his ability to build a program from the ground up. Stinson understands that in order to mold a successful program, you need to develop wrestlers at all levels.

Coach Stinson opens up his practice room and shows what his team works on to become a dominant wrestling program. He maximizes the amount of drilling covered in a practice by incorporating techniques into warm-ups. Coach Stinson has his wrestlers demonstrate the drills that have helped elevate Aztec High School wrestling, such as the takedown system and breakdown system.

Takedown System

Coach Stinson has his wrestlers demonstrates the basics of inside singles, outside singles, and Russians.

  • Inside Singles: Used to score when an opponent is stationary or backing up.
  • Outside Singles: A great way to score when an opponent pressures into you.
  • Russian to a Heel Pick: Catch an opponent's far ankle when they step their inside leg back.
  • Russian to Fireman's Carry: Used when an opponent has their weight on their heels.
  • Russian to a Stretch: A simple and effective takedown when an opponent is on their toes.
  • Coach Stinson also demonstrates several valuable drills that can increase a wrestler's takedown percentage, such as half body attacks, rope drills, and choreograph shots.

    Breakdown System

    Stopping your opponent's first move off the bottom and then learning to do a safe turn is important in building a program with young wrestlers. Stinson-coached teams are known for their tilts from top. This has led opponents to focus solely on keeping their wrist away while on bottom. Stinson has developed five key breakdowns to break any opponent flat and secure the wrist.

    • Pinch: A great first move to stop an opponent and trap their ankle.
    • Knee Swipe: Allows you to capture the far knee and put an opponent on their hip.
    • Arm Chop: Gives you the opportunity to trap the arm off the whistle and immediately go into a tilt.
    • Knee Jam: Allows for a wrestler to use their knee to drive an opponent flat.
    • Spiral: A great breakdown to put an opponent on their butt.

    Note: This section is a great complement to Coach Stinson's Tiger Tilt video (item#: WRD-05146).

    Practice Session

    See firsthand what an Aztec High School practice looks like, when Coach Stinson takes his team through a typical end-of-season practice from start to finish. You will have the opportunity to see the warm-up, live wrestling, and cool down.

    The warm-up is one of the most important aspects of the practice, because it's a time when the athletes will not only fine tune their technique, but also work on developing their strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. You'll understand the importance of drilling and how gaining more repetitions in all positions will allow for a wrestler to get better. A unique feature of Aztec practices is that a variety of conditioning drills are implemented during the practice session rather than after.

    The live wrestling consists of short situational scrambles with a partner, small group takedowns with King of the Mat, and technique-specific live wrestling out of

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    Cover: weight room to wrestling room
    Weight Room to Wrestling Room
    with Dave Malecek, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Head Coach;
    5x conference coach of the year; 5 straight WIAC conference championships (2007-10); Five top 3 finishes in the DIII National Tournament in six seasons; 2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year; All-American wrestler at UNI.

    Add a new twist to the old classics for conditioning.

    Conditioning is a critical part of any wrestling program. Having coached his UW-LaCrosse Eagles to top three finishes in each of his first five seasons, Dave Malacek has proven he can transfer work done in the weight room to the wrestling mat.

    In this wrestling DVD, Coach Malecek demonstrates many of his favorite exercises that emphasize the specific needs of wrestlers. He shows you how to make simple strength training drills into wrestling specific activities that can be done before, during, or after practice. Each exercise is demonstrated, and then followed up with a wrestling drill/situation for your athletes to better understand the importance of the exercise.

    Coach Malecek provides exercises that vary from old classics - such as pushups - to the trending tools of today - like battle ropes and resistance bands. All exercises can be completed in the wrestling room instead of traveling to the weight room. Exercises covered include:

    • Push-Ups and Bench Press - Your wrestler will explode to his feet from the bottom referee's position and recover quicker when under a sprawled opponent.
    • Cleans and Squats - Develop your wrestler's ability to return his opponent to the mat, to perform a stand-up, and to clear an opponent's collar-tie into a pass-by.
    • "Stretchy Ropes" - Use these resistance bands to strengthen your wrestler's snap downs, snapping his opponents' heads down to the mat to score easily.
    • Battle Ropes - Wave your wrestler's arms repeatedly in small or big motions to improve forearm and grip strength, leading to dominant hand fighting skills.
    • Curls - Conditioning the biceps with curls allows your wrestler to win the underhook position.
    • Quick Feet - These agility exercises improve movement from the neutral position, ensuring quick feet during takedown finishes and stand-ups.
    When your athletes complete wrestling drills that mimic the actions of their conditioning exercises they will become more invested in their workouts. These exercises, when incorporated into tough practices, will help your team get over that "fear of failure" and enable them to get past the point of exhaustion and to still push hard.

    Strength and conditioning is crucial to the development of any wrestler. If you are having a hard time setting up a strength and conditioning program to maximize your wrestlers' potential, this video allows you to get more specific training in a very efficient format.

    61 minutes. 2012.

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    Cover: coaching high school wrestling: strength & conditioning for champions: in-season, off-season and nutrition guide
    Coaching High School Wrestling: Strength & Conditioning for Champions: In-Season, Off-Season and Nutrition Guide
    with Scot Davis, Owatonna (MN) High School Head Coach;
    the winningest coach in amateur wrestling history (over 850 victories);
    2007 "National Coach of the Year" by Wrestling USA Magazine and was the "Runner-up" in 2006. He was also named "National Coach of the Year" by the National HS Coaches Association in 1998. In 2005, Davis was voted Minnesota Class AAA (large schools) "State Coach of the Year" by the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association.

    Strength and conditioning training is a vital part of every wrestler's success. Coach Davis presents the workout program he incorporates with great success. He dedicates the bulk of the instruction is dedicated to the in-season circuit training program. Davis, with head strength coach Jerry Eggermont, demonstrates the nine-station circuit program that includes the Plate Workout Series and its six variations. These exercises not only assist and maintain the work from the off-season workouts, but also help increase the flexibility and maintain muscular endurance the wrestlers will need throughout the season. These high-intensity lifts are performed at a 1:2 ratio that will give your athletes a lot of work in a short amount of time and feature lifts for grip strength, core strength, lower body strength, explosiveness and to strengthen the "pull muscles." Davis includes 10 conditioning drills to work in the room throughout the season to help break the monotony and help build mental toughness. As a bonus, Davis provides a nutritional guideline for wrestlers. This is a list of nutritional do's and don'ts for daily, match day, pre-match meals and between tournament matches to keep your wrestlers fueled for maximum performance. An excellent resource to give your wrestlers the edge they need to reach their goals.

    71 minutes. 2008.

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    Cover: gable coached partner workout
    Gable Coached Partner Workout
    with Dan Gable, wrestling legend;
    won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles as the University of Iowa head coach;
    as a wrestler, went undefeated in high school (IA) and won 2 NCAA titles at Iowa State University.
    Gable won the Olympic Gold Medal in '72 and went on to coach the Freestyle Olympic teams in '80, '84, and 2000

    Dan Gable's practices at the University of Iowa are legendary for their physical and mental workout. Coach Gable now presents some key drills for you to incorporate into your program that will get the "total wrestling experience," that is a complete mental and physical workout. Gable begins with a brief warm-up session that incorporates pummeling and hip heist drills. These drills will get your wrestlers ready to go all out while fine tuning important positioning techniques. The bulk of Gable's teaching focus on seven drills in a live and combative setting. The offensive drills work on reaction, set-ups and penetration to open up more scoring opportunities for your wrestlers. Gable's defensive drills will help your wrestlers keep their opponents off their legs. In addition, these defensive drills benefit those wrestlers who have trouble penetrating by turning their defense into counter offense. Gable concludes with four drills to finish practice. These drills can be done as a team or just two wrestlers (with or without a coach), during practice, or the wrestlers can do them on their own as a morning workout supplement or to get some extra work in after practice.

    59 minutes. 2008.

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    Cover: gable coached individual workout
    Gable Coached Individual Workout
    with Dan Gable, wrestling legend;
    won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles as the University of Iowa head coach;
    as a wrestler, went undefeated in high school (IA) and won 2 NCAA titles at Iowa State University.
    Gable won the Olympic Gold Medal in '72 and went on to coach the Freestyle Olympic teams in '80, '84, and 2000

    Wrestling icon Dan Gable presents a number of individual workout drills that cover conditioning situations and explosive movements. These drills are ideal for the individual wrestler looking to supplement his workouts. Gable begins with a "Morning workout" that is designed to get the athlete ready to go all out. Hip heists, shoulder rolls and more not only get the wrestlers ready for hard workouts, but they also work on conditioning. From there Gable divides the presentation into four areas: Finishes, Set-ups, Set-ups and Finishes and Stance and Motion work. Each area contains at least four drill sequences that give your wrestlers the technique work out they need to ensure they score the takedown. Gable focuses on head driven finishes that will keep the opponent off balance. These sessions can last 10-15 minutes - or less depending how you mix and match based on your wrestler's needs.

    61 minutes. 2008.

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