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Cover: brian antonelli's blair academy wrestling series: counter offense
Brian Antonelli's Blair Academy Wrestling Series: Counter Offense

with Brian Antonelli,
Blair Academy Head Wrestling Coach;
2019 NHSCA National High School Wrestling Coach of the Year;
since taking over as head coach in 2014, has led Blair Academy to National Prep��Team Titles from 2015 through 2019;
#1 ranking in the USA for 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

Blair Academy head coach Brian Antonelli goes in-depth on the counter offense methods he teaches his wrestlers in this informative instructional video. You'll learn the basics of solid positioning skills from the feet, how to drill correct defensive reactions to a number of takedown attempts, and how to score off of your opponent's attempts to score.

Positioning and Defense from the Feet

Coach Antonelli begins this on the mat presentation by demonstrating how he teaches positioning skills such as stance, motion, and hand fighting to his wrestlers. Several drills are demonstrated that teach and reinforce these skills. Antonelli also details how a drill session for a wrestling team should look, from both an organizational standpoint and a pace and intensity perspective. You'll come away knowing how to defend several takedowns, including a hi-c, single leg and low single.

Score on Your Opponent's Shots

Next, Antonelli covers drills that teach how to counter and score when your opponent beats your defense initially with a takedown attempt. Some of the techniques covered include:

  • The low lift position from a high single leg
  • The low lift position from a low single leg
  • The hi-c crackdown position
  • Head inside/outside sprawl positions

Antonelli also demonstrates exercises that will teach your athletes how to wrestle from several common scrambles, without getting them injured.

Overall, this video is perfect for any wrestling coach who wants a "back to basics" approach to drilling and teaching sound, fundamental wrestling. With the help of Coach Antonelli, your wrestlers can make drastic improvements in their counter offense this season!

29 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: counters to breakdowns and getting the escape point
Counters to Breakdowns and Getting the Escape Point

with Nick Mitchell,
Grand View University Head Coach,
2016 NAIA Champions - Five straight NAIA National Titles (2012-16) - first team to win five straight NAIA National titles;
2016 NAIA National Coach of the Year - 3x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013, 2016);
3x NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College

Nick Mitchell was the first ever coach at Grand View University, and in four years he took the program from a start-up to winning a national championship. In this video, Coach Mitchell shares his team's proven strategies on escaping from the bottom position by employing simple, yet effective fundamentals to keeping and improving your position, regardless of your opponent's attacks.

Keeping a Solid Base

Coach Mitchell shares the most important things to consider when anticipating your opponent's top attacks, including where they're putting most of their pressure, how they line up in top position, and their hand placement. By pointing out critical details in your position on bottom, he demonstrates how you can be stronger and improve your position faster so you can escape. He includes simple and easy-to-understand instructions on the mechanics of staying in solid position without giving your opponent an advantage on top.

Beating Commonly-Used Top Attacks and Breakdowns

Regardless of the top man's attempted breakdown, Coach Mitchell demonstrates how to keep your position and beat the attack every time. By focusing on constantly improving your position through a systematic use of change overs, knee slides, hand control, back pressure and hip heists, Coach Mitchell reveals how to defend and beat the most used attacks from the top position. Each of these has their own special nuances, and Coach Mitchell covers each one in depth:

  • Outside Ankle
  • Spiral Ride
  • Chop/Jam off the whistle
  • Claw Ride
  • Crab Ride
  • Tight Waist
  • Inside Wrist

Additionally, Coach Mitchell shares practice drills that help you chain wrestle through the various breakdowns that your opponent will attempt. This includes understanding and feeling when the top man changes their pressure and recognizing that as an opportunity to improve position and escape.

Fighting Off Your Belly

One of the most difficult and often intimidating positions to work out of is when a wrestler has been broken down to their belly. In this DVD, Coach Mitchell shares the proper defensive position and posture on your stomach to prevent being turned and to quickly get to your base. Through simple steps that build upon the positions and movements shown throughout the video, Coach Mitchell makes the process of getting off your belly straightforward and less intimidating for wrestlers of all ages. Some of the common attacks he reviews include:

  • Fighting off the inside wrist
  • Defending the tight waist
  • Beating the cross-face

Want to get off the bottom every time? This video will give you the championship-level tools you need to always keep a solid base, constantly improve your position, and get to your feet and escape.

"This is a great video that teaches amazing technique. There is something that wrestlers or coaches at any level could use to make themselves or their wrestlers better. I have been coaching wrestling for 18 years and I gleaned information from this video that I will use in my practices this year." - Customer Review

64 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: how low can you go, vol. 3 - beating the defense
How Low Can You Go, Vol. 3 - Beating the Defense
with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach; 5x NCAA Champs;
2015 Big 12 Champs (Back-to-Back-to-Back Champions); 13x Big 12 Champions; 12x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
Coach Smith won 6 consecutive world titles

Legendary NCAA coach and Olympic Gold Medalist John Smith created a technique that was revolutionary 20-30 years ago. What was once thought as almost unstoppable has since become the norm. Now, Coach Smith brings an entirely new series that will revolutionize the low single once again.

The low single-leg takedown should be a staple of every wrestler's arsenal. As the move has evolved over the years, the defense to stop it has changed as well. Coach Smith traces the evolution of the low single-leg takedown and makes modifications to the technique in order to help wrestlers counter defenses created specifically to combat it. He also goes over how to make the low single available from a contact position.

Low Single from Contact: The Snatch Low Single

Traditionally, the low single-leg takedown has been most effect from the outside, requiring space to shoot in and get below an opponent's defense. However, by making a few adjustments to the technique, Coach Smith shows how to get the takedown from an inside attack, using what he calls a reach or "snatch" entry. Now, wrestlers will feel comfortable hitting the low single from a variety of control ties.

Countering Low Single-Leg Defense: Scrambles

Wrestling has changed throughout the years and scrambling has become a natural part of the sport at all levels. Whether it's a knee down, a leg across, an ankle grab, or an attempt at a roll or cradle, Coach Smith shows how to counter the most-frequently deployed defenses against the low single-leg takedown - many of which have been inspired by funk wrestling.

Coach Smith stresses the most important aspects of winning a scramble: covering your ankles, getting your head higher than your opponent's and using the cross face. Similarly, he covers techniques from previous videos, such as peek outs and drags as offensive tools from missed shots, to illustrate how there are scoring opportunities from both good and bad shots.

The great piece of this technique is that it is applicable to both folkstyle and freestyle!

Scoring Off the Threat of a Low Single

Just the threat of a low single-leg can set up offense for a different takedown. Coach Smith uses a "touch and go" philosophy to turn jabs, fake shots, and an opponent's natural reactions into scoring opportunities from snap downs, inside ties, and even a "jump throw."

Coach Smith illustrates six takedowns that are opened up by the low single-leg. The "drag out" is becoming a popular takedown that is set up by the low single-leg. Coach Smith covers each takedown in full detail to help ensure a clear understanding of the technique to help every wrestler be able to score points.

He finishes his series with a throw that is set up from the low single. It's ironic that one of the greatest leg attackers in the world has set up a throw that is devastating to the opponent once they get out of position. The throw is low risk and has a high level of effectiveness.

Coach Smith does an amazing job of breaking down simple and complicated techniques and positions so that even inexperienced wrestlers can understand. This video is the perfect compliment to How Low Can You Go, Vol. 2. It answers all the most common "what if" questions wrestlers and coaches have regarding the low single-leg takedown.

76 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: bottom position: skills to dominate
Bottom Position: Skills to Dominate
with Mark Manning, University of Nebraska Head Coach;
2009 Big 12 Conference Champions; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 U.S. Freestyle Olympic Volunteer Coach; 2011 FILA Freestyle Coach of the Year; 2009 U.S. Freestyle World Team Coach; 2009 Dan Gable Coach of the Year;
College Coach of Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs; 2x NCAA Division II National Champion at University of Nebraska-Omaha

Gain the confidence you need to get out of difficult positions on the mat.

Mark Manning revives what he calls the "lost art" of the bottom position. In this DVD, Coach Manning teaches simple, yet effective, techniques that will help you to get more escapes, more reversals and more wins.

You will learn what Coach Manning calls the three most important strategies from the bottom position: motion, distance and hand control. He explains and demonstrates a variety of techniques to help create hip separation; including knee slides, hip heists, changeovers and knee pivots. You will learn various ways to create and sustain motion and how to chain wrestle from the bottom position. In addition, Manning shows you the nuances of effective hand control.

Counter pressure from the top and escape various difficult situations such as the over-leg hook, the ankle ride, the claw ride and leg rides. You will also learn how to counter the tight waist and the chop. While all wrestlers try to avoid these situations on bottom, they are inevitable. Having the knowledge and ability to counter these situations will prove invaluable.

Besides situational counters, you will learn a variety of drills that will help you to make the transition from the practice room to a live match. His drills are very basic and can also be used to condition while developing core skills to get off bottom.

Whether you are a wrestler or a coach, you will find this DVD both helpful and insightful. Coach Manning has a very comfortable teaching style that emphasizes the important details that will help any wrestler to become a great bottom wrestler. Manning's philosophy about bottom wrestling will help any wrestler look forward to being in the bottom position and the many scoring opportunities available to them.

66 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: aau wrestling skills series: counter offense
AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense
with Eric Guerrero, Oklahoma State University Head Assistant Wrestling Coach;
3x NCAA Champ at Oklahoma St. (4x All American); 2004 Olympian; 2003 World Cup Champion; USA FILA junior world freestyle champion;head coach for the USA at the 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championships

Defense is the cornerstone to excellent wrestling.

Eric Guerrero is known throughout the world for his dominate wrestling style from his feet. As a World Cup Champion and 3x NCAA Champion, he knows how important defense is and how it can be used not only to stop your opponent, but also create opportunities for you to score.

In this video, Guerrero shows you how to develop a defense from your feet that will help give even novice wrestlers a chance to beat more advanced opponents. He shows eight different skills and drills that are essential for any wrestler.

Head position is your first line of defense and a great way to create counter offense. You'll see a variety of drills that demonstrate how effective head position can be in defending against leg attacks and how it can create counter offensive opportunities. You will learn four drills that emphasize head and body positioning.

Coach Guerrero provides a variety of techniques that can be used to defend common scenarios and create counter attacks. He also demonstrates drills to help train these techniques.

  • From the knees - Learn to score using a variety of methods from headlocks to go-behinds.
  • From the mat - Opponent has your leg? Check out these defensive techniques.
  • Leg in the air - With one leg in the air or both legs wrapped in a double, your opponent might think he has you. That's when you score!
You'll learn excellent, but rarely demonstrated defensive counter moves that result in scoring. The barrel-roll double leg counter, high-chest step around when you are locked around your opponent's chest, and a single-in-the-air counter which results in a 5-point score.

Defense on your feet is key in wrestling. You cannot become a dominate wrestler if you can't stop your opponent from scoring. These techniques will allow you to create more opportunities and a variety of ways to score.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

41minutes. 2013.

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