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Cover: leg and crab ride defense
Leg and Crab Ride Defense

with Nick Mitchell,
Grand View University Head Coach,
2016 NAIA Champions - Five straight NAIA National Titles (2012-16) - first team to win five straight NAIA National titles;
2016 NAIA National Coach of the Year - 3x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013, 2016);
3x NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College

Defending against leg riders can often be an intimidating experience if you don't first understand the mechanics behind leg riding and what makes the most common leg rides successful.

Nick Mitchell has produced 60 All-Americans and 18 National Champions in his 8 years as head coach at Grand View University. One of the reasons he has had great success is his wrestlers' ability to stop their opponents' leg and crab rides. Coach Mitchell has a unique perspective in coaching his wrestlers in this position. While most coaches emphasize defending against their opponent's legs; Coach Mitchell emphasizes scoring out of their opponents legs.

The key to defending and scoring from an opponent's leg and crab rides is good positioning and the ability to react to your opponent. Coach Mitchell demonstrates fundamental techniques to defend and score against an opponent's crab ride, cross body ride, and saddle ride. He also covers realistic reactions that a wrestler may experience from their opponent while defending against the legs, such as a claw or power half.

Attacking a Leg Riding Position from the Bottom

Coach Mitchell demonstrates a variety of strategies that will prepare you for defending different rides from the top man. He demonstrates how to effectively stop saddle leg riders who sit on your hips up top, as well as cross-body riders that sit more to the side. Moves you'll learn include:

  • Mule Kick: First line of defense to prevent an opponent from getting a leg in
  • Turn and Shake: Ideal move to get a saddle rider out of position and create offensive opportunities
  • Push Back: A more effective alternative to the traditional hip smash; the push back allows a wrestler to get in an offensive position without putting their self at risk
  • Foot Throw: A great way to get a cross body rider out of position if they grab your ankle for leverage
  • Hip Switch: Used to create hip separation against a cross body ride in order to open up scoring opportunities

Beating Tough Leg Riding Situations

At some point, every wrestler gets caught in a situation where there is seemingly little to do to defend against a turn or a breakdown from the top man. Coach Mitchell covers some of these common situations and provides you with a plan of action to not only defend against these attacks, but turn them into scoring opportunities, including:

  • Beating the leg ride once you are broken down on your belly
  • Defending the attack when the top man has a power half with legs in
  • Defending when the top man grabs their own ankle with legs in

Coach Mitchell also shares a "Hip Battle" practice drill he employs with his team that will help you recover from a bad position when the top man has a leg in.

Defending the Crab Ride

Coach Mitchell demonstrates what to do if the opponent transitions into a crab ride after you defend against their leg ride. He continues the theme of being offensive-minded and shows you how to score from this position with four simple and effective methods.

    Scoot Away: An effective method of creating space and clearing out of a crab ride Scoot and Hook Shot: A great way to put your opponent on their back from their crab ride Pushback-Hip Heist-Turk: A great alternative to put your opponent on their back if you are not able to scoot away Pushback-Step-Hip Heist: A last-resort move to score if there is not much time left in the match

Have an offensive mindset when the leg comes in and never be controlled by a leg rider again! You can use this video to get comfortable with various leg ride positions, and you'll soon see leg defense as a way to attack your opponent!

65 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: leg riding and defense: hustle and control
Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and Control
with Mark Perry,
University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
former Cal Poly State University Co-Head Wrestling Coach;
2x NCAA Champion (4x All American) and 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year at the University of Iowa; won the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Tournament

Mark Perry has a unique perspective on wrestling being born into one of America's foremost wrestling families. The nephew of the legendary John Smith, Perry wrestled for Blair Academy in high school and learned the "Iowa way" while wrestling for Tom Brands at the University of Iowa.

Good leg riders often devastate their opponents. They wear them down with punishing rides and hammering turns. Countering a good leg rider is a difficult task for many wrestlers. This video will change all of that.

Coach Mark Perry has taken everything he's learned from his elite mentors and developed a dominating style of leg riding and defending legs. You'll learn how to properly throw the legs and how to turn an opponent with them. You'll also learn how to escape the legs while on bottom.

Leg Riding

What separates Coach Perry from other coaches is his ability to highlight key concepts. He understands that concepts are as important as technique, and understanding concepts allows you to improve your game without having to learn hundreds of new moves.

Coach Perry describes several wrestling scenarios on the mat, and then shows you how to get the legs in to ride and turn an opponent. You won't always win the hustle, but Perry will show you how to win when things go wrong. You'll get a realistic look at how he coaches his wrestlers to win these situations.


The first 15 seconds after the whistle are crucial to maintain control over your opponent and establishing legs. Learning to beat your opponent to the inside will open up all of your breakdown options. You will learn new, creative set ups to classic breakdowns with the leg in such as the baseball grip, the crossface and the far ankle. These are punishing breakdowns that will send an early message to your opponent.

One Leg In Series

Learn three variations of the bar-arm tilt that allows you to hit multiple angles, depending on what your opponent does. No matter what your opponent's reaction, you will be able to complete the turn and score back points. Other turns in this series include:

  • Turk - Coach Perry teaches the tricks you will need to make this, already effective turn into an extraordinary turn. You will learn how to use the neck crank to put your opponent in a position where he has to turn to his back.
  • Overhook and Ankle - This cutting-edge move will baffle your opponents as they try to defend the legs. You will learn three variations of this move that allows you to dominate your opponent's entire body, which cuts down on his defensive options.

Two Leg Series

Discover how to ride with both legs in and to virtually make your opponent quit on bottom. Coach Perry shows a series of different breakdown that can be used on top to get your opponent your opponent if flat to the mat makes it much easier to get your tilts, turns and pins on top. Coach Perry shows a simple tilt and finishes with a tough power half. This isn't your father's power half. The days of unsuccessfully trying to overpower your opponent from this position are over. You will learn solid, irrefutable technique that will see your turn success rate multiply exponentially.

Defending Against Leg Riders

Simply being offensive is not enough. Too many people know how to use and ride the legs. Coach Perry knew, from being so good on top, that if he didn't get out from the legs, there was a strong possibility that he wouldn't make it out of the match. He covers several techniques on how to fight legs and not put yourself in trouble.

  • The Leg Slip - This move will put your opponent on his hip and in danger of losing control.
  • The Leg Slip to a Near-Side Cradle - Your opponent will feel the danger, but will not know what happened to him when you move from having the legs thrown on you, to having him in a near-side cradle looking for the fall.
  • Head Catch - Even if the top man has two legs in, you can put your opponent in a near-fall situation with the head catch. Like the leg slip to a cradle, the head catch will surprise even the best wrestler, as he goes from control to his back in just seconds.
  • Swimming Out of the Power Half - Even if your opponent has the legs in on you and is cranking the power half, you will be able to escape with the swim move. You will learn this simple technique to escape the power half.
  • The nuances of the moves Coach Perry teaches in this video will take you from an ordinary leg rider to a master leg rider. The moves are safe, effective and easy to learn. This is essential technique for anyone wanting to improve their mat skills.

    82 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: the new rules of attack: defense against the funk
The New Rules of Attack: Defense Against the Funk
with Jordan Leen, University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
2008 NCAA Champion at Cornell; 3x All American; 2x EIWA Champion; 2005 Ivy League Rookie of the Year

Though I have been a coach for 10 years, I competed at a time when "funk" wasn't very popular. The style and moves have always been exotic, mysterious and misunderstood by me. This is the first video where I feel "funk" has really been demystified. - Chester Chen

Funk wrestling is starting to dominate wrestling, frustrating coaches and wrestlers at every level. NCAA Champion Jordan Leen demonstrates several techniques and the importance of position when it comes to beating the funk wrestler.

Coach Leen is one of the most prolific clinicians in the country and does an amazing job of breaking down even complicated techniques and positions so even inexperienced wrestlers can understand. He maintains beating funk has less to do with technique and more to do with positioning. He covers the basics of good positioning from leg attacks that will eliminate that threat. His positioning - with your head and chest high, hips underneath you and protecting your feet - allows wrestlers to come out on top over many of the improvised positions caused by scrambles.

Coach Leen covers exactly what the funk wrestler is looking for and how to protect against it. He explains the importance of position as well as how to wrestle from scramble positions and how to win those positions. He talks about protecting your feet and ankles so your opponent cannot get to their position of advantage. The "leg pass" is the most common of all funk techniques, and learning how to deal with it is a key skill that will make you more confident in not only defending funk, but also in attacking to start with. Grabbing ankles is another common funk skill that is developed to counter leg attacks. Coach Leen shows how just sitting back on your heels is not enough. He also shares some excellent strategies to make this an easy position to counter.

Once in a scramble position, Coach Leen demonstrates how to get back into good position. Strategies for staying out of "the funk" are given for high single legs, high-crotches and low single leg takedowns.

Finally, Coach Leen shares real-life examples of how to use good positioning to stay out of scrambles, and how to get back into good position once your position has been broken. With a partner, he demonstrates scrambles from all positions covered in the presentation. They start by showing the worst-case scenario, and then work backwards, one step at a time, until they get back into good position.

Coach Leen adds several drills that, if used during regular practice, can help protect against funk wrestling This presentation not only helps you defend scramblers but it can also be used to teach some funk.

Keeping good position will keep you out of scrambles, enabling you to stop the funk. When caught in funk, these principles will help you get back into solid position and win the scramble.

50 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: find your escape: defense against leg riders
Find Your Escape: Defense Against Leg Riders
with Steve Garland, University of Virginia Head Coach;
2010 ACC Champions; 2010 ACC Coach of the Year;
All-American Wrestler at Virginia; 2000 ACC Wrestler of the Year; member of the 50th Anniversary ACC Wrestling Team

Many wrestlers today use a tough leg ride to score points and inflict pain. Former All-American and University of Virginia Head Coach Steve Garland works through a variety of methods to prevent their success.

He begins with techniques to stop opponents from getting their legs in, then progresses into what to do once they are in.

Garland's drills focus on the footwork needed to defend legs, and they create muscle memory making leg defense second nature. Wrestlers will become comfortable in these positions and develop the ability to bait their opponents into a false sense of confidence.

You will see specific situations such as the crackdown, crab rides, and options for elevators. You'll also see a way to force a fall once an opponent gets a leg in.

This is one of the most useful videos a coach or wrestler can own. Coach Garland's instruction shows how to be tough on the bottom and how to stop dominant leg-riders from riding and turning.

49 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: championship signature move series: jordan leen's safe leg series
Championship Signature Move Series: Jordan Leen's Safe Leg Series
with Jordan Leen, University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
2008 NCAA Champion at Cornell; 3x All American;
2x EIWA Champion; 2005 Ivy League Rookie of the Year

Learn a new style of leg riding that can be performed by any wrestler.

Sometimes wrestlers don't feel comfortable having a leg in. NCAA Champion Jordan Leen shows a safe leg series that eliminates the fear of having a "trapped" leg. This simple series promotes safe positioning and turns with little risk. This makes the series applicable to any member of the team. NCAA champions, tall and short, stocky and wiry, have found success with this series.

Leen guides you through all of the locks, turns, falls, and set-ups. This is a slightly different ride than the traditional leg ride and Leen reveals the secrets that make it so effective.

The Lock
Mastering the "Safe Leg Lock" can be accomplished using three key principles. Once the basic position has been mastered, you will learn four different safe locks that can be applied to your opponent's body. After getting comfortable in the safe lock position, Leen shows you how to get the turn.

Getting the Turn
From the safe lock, Coach Leen demonstrates two turns to get back points. First, techniques to get a turn with a Turk are shown, followed by getting the turn with a "Jacob's Hook." The key to both turns is that the hips always stop on top of your opponent, keeping you out of danger. He also touches on the possible defenses to the safe leg series. Lastly, Leen works backwards and shows you how to get into the safe lock position from a variety of breakdowns.

Getting to the Position
Learn how to get to the perfect lock from a variety of breakdowns including the Chop, Tight-Waist, Claw, and finally the Western Ride. Leen goes over getting to the lock after getting your opponent to his belly using a Four Post Ride and two techniques - the Lock/Re-Lock and the Scoop.

Coach Leen is one of the premier clinicians in the country and his teaching style will be beneficial to any wrestler or wrestling program - including yours! Leen's Safe Leg Series teaches not only how to be a great rider on top, but to be a great scorer on top, as well. This technique can be used by an entire team, regardless of weight class or body type.

46 minutes. 2013.

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