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Cover: ed ruth - escapes and reversals
Ed Ruth - Escapes and Reversals
Ed Ruth, Penn State's first 3-time NCAA Champion, shows you how to stay in great position on bottom and score a 5 point reversal that could lead to a Pin! Ed also shows cutting edge techniques that he used to reverse and escape from even toughest opponents!

Three-time NCAA Champions Ed Ruth demonstrates over 10 techniques to score from the bottom position. You'll see:

  • Stand-up Technique
  • Switch
  • Granby Roll
  • Peterson Roll
  • defense to legs, cross wrist and lifts
  • and more

In addition, Ruth covers 12 strength and quickness exercises he uses.

39 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: youth wrestling: escape fundamentals
Youth Wrestling: Escape Fundamentals
with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State Champion

Four-time All American Eric Akin has compiled a video full of essential techniques that wrestlers need to be tough on the mat.

Starting at square one, Coach Akin shows you stance and hand position skills in order to build a good stance on the bottom, which are essential to maintaining a base and defending attacks by the opponent. You'll learn how to be light on your hands to get hands and feet up quickly. The hip heist is a fundamental skill for escaping and reversing on bottom, and Akin demonstrates a hip heist drill series to learn how to feel comfortable executing the technique.

He then moves on to the fundamentals of a stand-up, switch, and finally the complex Granby Roll. The techniques you'll learn include:

  • How to attack a hand and cut out for an escape. Hand control and cutting out to face the opponent are the foundation needed to finish to a stand up. No points are earned by the bottom man until he cuts out and faces the opponent.
  • Sit out and head post. This is a great escape for developing wrestlers who struggle with stand up.
  • A unique take on the switch. Coach Akin shows mistakes he believes are commonly taught on the switch and demonstrates a technique that may improve the switch from bottom.
  • And much more!

He completes the DVD with several different counters to the highest used turns from the top position.

Coach Akin uses youth wrestlers of varying abilities to demonstrate the technique and drills that he uses in his own room. He has made this basic level series very easy to learn or teach.

54 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: 35 drills & skills for competitive practice
35 Drills & Skills for Competitive Practice
with Duane Goldman, Head Coach; Joe LeBlanc and Nick Simmons, Assistant Coaches; Indiana University

Duane Goldman, Indiana University Head Coach; 4x All-American at the University of Iowa, 1986 NCAA Champion;
4x NCAA finalist; 4x Big Ten Champ; Coach of three NCAA individual champions from Indiana University; An alternate on the US Olympic team in 1988

Joe LeBlanc, Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at University of Wyoming

Nick Simmons, Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at Michigan St. University;
4x Michigan High School State Champion compiling a career record of 211-0; Placed 5th at the 2011 Freestyle World Championships

Here is your chance to add a wide variety of competitive drills to your practice arsenal - the same drills that will play a key role as you develop a championship team. Duane Goldman and his staff at Indiana University offer a variety of drills, from all positions, to enhance practice, develop skills, and improve the conditioning of your team. Each coach on the Indiana was a four-time All American during his wrestling career.

In this wrestling drills video:

  • Coach Goldman focuses on stance, leg attacks from a solid stance and getting off the bottom.
  • Coach LeBlanc focuses on strength and agility.
  • Coach Simmons focuses on drills that help counter leg attacks.
All have very unique styles, and they share the drills that helped them during their storied careers.

From the Feet
Coach Goldman teaches a fantastic hand-fighting drill that will train your athletes to clear ties and get to their attacks quickly. He emphasizes knee sliding, pressure and getting to your feet on leg attacks. Scrambling is an important part of wrestling that is hard to teach, and Goldman teaches a very simple scrambling drill that he has his wrestlers do for 30-40 second intervals completing a series of switches, stand-ups, and shoulder rolls.

Base and Bridge Drill
Assistant Coach Joe LeBlanc teaches fundamental drills to improve your athletes' flexibility and mat awareness. He emphasizes footwork, moving your feet and creating angles in the neutral position. LeBlanc shows basic drills for maintaining a solid base on the bottom and learning to escape. The Base and Bridge Drill is a drill that can be effective for the experienced middle school wrestler, the high school wrestling and the college wrestler.

Head Blocking
Assistant Coach and USA National Team member Nick Simmons reveals his favorite drills for developing head position and for hand fighting from the tie up. These drills are defensive in nature and often can lead to counter attacks. The head is the first line of defense before your opponent can get to your hips. Coach Simmon's Head Block Drill helps train wrestlers to prevent opponents from getting leg attacks. Often, wrestlers are only taught to block with their hands. Simmons emphasizes in this drill to block with your head first and then your hands. When your opponent changes levels, you change levels and head block. Simmons has excellent hip defense and shows an excellent "hip motion" drill to develop confidence when an opponent does get to your legs.

These competitive practice drills can be used at the grade school, middle school, high school, and college levels of wrestling and will create a new level of energy in your practice room. This video offers effective methods to improve your wrestlers' foot speed and flexibility. This is a must if you want to get to the next level of competition.

51 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: top position: skills to dominate
Top Position: Skills to Dominate
with Mark Manning, University of Nebraska Head Coach;
2009 Big 12 Conference Champions; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 U.S. Freestyle Olympic Volunteer Coach; 2011 FILA Freestyle Coach of the Year; 2009 U.S. Freestyle World Team Coach; 2009 Dan Gable Coach of the Year;
College Coach of Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs; 2x NCAA Division II National Champion at University of Nebraska-Omaha

Controlling and dominating one's opponent is the ultimate goal in wrestling. In order to do so, wrestlers must understand the fundamentals of the top position. In this DVD, Mark Manning will teach you those fundamentals and much, much more. Soon, you will be riding and turning your opponents on your way to a successful season.

Coach Manning takes wrestlers through the following top techniques:

  • Arm Chop Tight Waist
  • Leg Over the Ankle
  • Wrist Ride into a Back Hook
  • Legs
In each area you will learn how to apply downward pressure during positioning and how to keep that pressure on your opponent throughout the match. You will learn to control your opponents' hips and keep them off balance and searching for answers to your offense. You will learn to turn your opponent with regularity.

Coach Manning shows you how to control your opponent with wrist rides, over-leg hooks, crab rides, legs and more. From each of these control positions, you will learn several effective turns and combinations. With this large variety of options, you can string together a number of turns to keep your opponent constantly guessing. Some of these turns include tilts, turks, arm bars and cradles. If one doesn't work, the other one will.

Wrestlers today need to tools and skills to turn and pin their opponents. Coach Manning provides a blueprint for giving your wrestlers the technique they need to be a dominator on top.

46 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: aau coaching wrestling series: practice planning for developing wrestlers
AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers
with Greg Strobel, Distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012);
former Lehigh University Head Coach; USA Wrestling's 2010 Man of the Year; '03-'04 NWCA National Coach of the Year; 4x EIWA Coach of the Year; 2000 US Olympic Team Coach; 2x NCAA Champions (and 3x All American) at Oregon State

Get help developing a multitude of practice plans that will maximize your wrestler's performance on the mat.

Hall of Fame Coach Greg Strobel is a leader in coaching education. In this video, Coach Strobel shares many insights from his illustrious career that will provide you with a foundation on which to plan your practices. His discussion covers a wide range of topics including practice length, intensity, and the three main aspects of wrestling.

Identifying your core philosophy will help you to plan your practices (and your program) around what you believe is most important. Coach Strobel emphasizes how your core philosophy drives not only how you run a practice, but what you want your athletes to get out of it. He believes that having fun is extremely important and that you don't have to break an athlete in order to get a top performance from them.

Coach Strobel is a master at making a practice plan and laying it out in easy to digest bite-sized pieces that can be combined in multiple variations for an unending supply of practices. He then talks about five areas to consider when developing practices: length of practice, intensity of practice, three principles of planning (technical skill, athletic skill, and fitness level), week at a glance, and peaking.

Strobel then reveals several of his trademark workouts:

  • Pre-Combat Options - Five different combinations of Warm-up and Drilling.
  • Combat Options - 11 different combinations of types of live wrestling.
  • Post-Combat Options - Different choices of cool down exercises.
Varying practices is very important to keep your wrestlers fresh and excited about attending practice. By mixing and matching these options, the user can develop hundreds of different practice plans based on the level of intensity and volume you require.

This enables you to see the principles of practice planning applied in the practice room and allows you to see one of his favorite practice formats.

This DVD is an essential tool for novice wrestling coaches or experienced coaches looking to enhance their practices and give their wrestlers the edge they need.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

67 minutes. 2013.

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