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Cover: bill zadick: neutral position and mental preparation
Bill Zadick: Neutral Position and Mental Preparation

with Bill Zadick,
US National Freestyle Head Coach;
2018 UWW World Cup Champions (Freestyle);
2017 World Team Champions (Men's Freestyle);
2006 Freestyle World Champion,
1996 NCAA Division I National Champion (University of Iowa)

U.S. National Freestyle head coach Bill Zadick spends countless hours analyzing the best wrestlers in the world. This has given him the opportunity to realize that mastery of the fundamental positions are not only important for success, but are also often overlooked in preparation.

The key to winning big matches is a wrestler's ability to demonstrate mastery of the fundamental positions. Coach Zadick demonstrates how to use the body properly to not only defend an opponent but to also open an offensive attack, such as adjusting the head position in order to clear an underhook for an offensive leg attack. He provides a clear and precise understanding of exactly why the best wrestlers in the world are the best in this video.

The Fundamentals of Neutral

You will learn how wrestlers can use their body effectively in order to put themselves in a good position to defend and score. Coach Zadick explains why developing the fundamentals will complement any wrestler's unique style.

In this section, Zadick covers why a superior head position makes a difference in winning matches at the highest level. He also helps you understand how to close the gap with an opponent in order to open up scoring opportunities. Additionally, you'll discover why circling an opponent isn't the most effective way to create angles, and instead you should drive into your opponent.

The Fundamentals of Clearing Ties and Scoring

Coach Zadick demonstrates a variety of ways to clear ties in order to set-up scoring opportunities, including:

  • How adjusting head position will allow a wrestler to clear a tie, such as an underhook, and put themselves into a scoring position.
  • How good hip position is the difference maker in finishing a takedown underneath an opponent.
  • How a wrestler can get to their feet with the opponent's leg locked that they have 92.9% chance of scoring.

Coach Zadick also demonstrates how a wrestler can score on a lead leg attack, as well as in a more unconventional fashion by attacking the trail leg.

The Mental Game

Zadick finishes by discussing how the mentality of Kyle Snyder, Jordan Burroughs, and other top-tier wrestlers makes the difference in their preparation and performance. He's developed an understanding of how a wrestler should be fully engaged in order to excel. You'll learn why having a fully committed mentality is the difference maker in finishing takedowns, as well as how an offensive/defensive wrestler can elevate their performance against elite competition.

Coach Zadick provides insight into how wrestlers can be more effective and perform at a higher level through mastering fundamental skills. You will learn simple and effective tactics that make a big difference in tough matches.

50 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: wrestling your best
Wrestling Your Best
with Dr. Chris Stankovich,
a national expert in athletic counseling and sport performance science, and an advocate for safe and healthy human development through sport participation

Wrestle to WIN with confidence and mental toughness!

Did you know that many of the problems wrestlers experience in matches are due to mental breakdowns and mistakes, not physical breakdowns? When wrestlers struggle with confidence, focus, concentration, nerves, and bouncing back from adversity, these are all aspects of mental toughness. This is where Wrestling Your Best can help!

Dr. Stankovich's new DVD for wrestlers will help you reach your full wrestling potential by teaching you:

  • How to increase self-confidence and develop a winning focus
  • How to set effective goals that will lead to maximum wrestling development
  • How to develop a personal pre-match routine to maximize mind-body synchrony needed for superior muscle memory
  • How to stay calm, especially in pressure situations
  • How to minimize "choking" and quickly bounce back after losses
Plus much more!

29 minutes. 2012.

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Cover: wrestling drills for the mat and mind
Wrestling Drills For The Mat And Mind
by Dennis Johnson, Ed. D

Originally published in 1991, the first edition of The Wrestling Drill Book was purchased by more than 15,000 coaches and parents. Now we bring you the second edition, Wrestling Drills for the Mat and the Mind. Author Dennis Johnson, a former wrestler, successful wrestling coach, and expert in the science of sports skills teaching and instruction, provides coaches with a wealth of well-thought out drills for running an effective practice at any level. This book includes 142 wrestling drills, 43 games and mat activities, and 24 warm-up and conditioning ideas.

Johnson understands the latest sport science research showing that champions in any sport, but especially wrestling, must develop more than just technique. They must also develop their mental game. Johnson enlists the help of one of America's best sports psychology specialists, Larry Lauer, who contributes two new chapters on developing and drilling key mental skills wrestlers need for success in wrestling-and in everyday life.

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Cover: tom brands: "in-your-face" wrestling - attacking for success!
Tom Brands: "In-Your-Face" Wrestling - Attacking for Success!
with Tom Brands,
University of Iowa Head Coach;
2009 and 2008 NCAA Champions;
2008 NWCA Coach of the Year;
2X Big Ten Conference Champions;
2X Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year;
'96 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2X World Cup Champion,
3X NCAA Champion (Iowa), 2004 Olympic Freestyle Coach

Tom Brands, in this unique wrestling demonstration clinic presentation, emphasizes the value of aggressive, physical wrestling. Coach Brands' attacking, "in-your-face" approach resulted in three NCAA championships at the University of Iowa, two World Cup championships and an Olympic gold medal. In his presentation, Brands identifies six areas to work on in your wrestling practice that will help you develop intelligent, physical wrestlers. Not only will these wrestling drills teach aggressiveness, they will also fine tune your wrestling technique, opening up an opponent, allowing you to score. He discusses and demonstrates snaps and spins, set-ups, how to combine moves, the score-after-a-score drill, scrambles, and strength training. "In-your-face," attacking wrestling starts with an attitude and this video will give you ideas on how to instill that attitude in your practice room.

41 minutes. 2004.

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Cover: how to finish tough!
How to Finish Tough!
with Chris Bono,
University of Chattanooga Head Coach;
3X World Cup Freestyle Team member;
2002 NWCA Assistant Coach of the Year (Iowa State University),
'96 NCAA Champion

Coach Bono presents 18 "problem" situations that wrestlers find themselves in when trying to finish takedown shots and shows how to get points instead of getting a stalemate. Bono covers finishing situations from the single leg, double leg, high crotch, front headlock, low single and from behind. His detailed instruction covers how to counter the sprawl, what to do if the opponent "stuffs your head," if the opponent locks around your waist, how to bring an opponent to the mat and more. If you or your team is struggling to score on your feet, this DVD is for you!

39 minutes. 2007.

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