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Cover: scoring from your feet: the over/under series
Scoring from Your Feet: The Over/Under Series
with Duane Goldman, Indiana University Head Coach;
4x All-American at the University of Iowa, 1986 NCAA Champion;
4x NCAA finalist; 4x Big Ten Champ; Coach of three NCAA individual champions from Indiana University; An alternate on the US Olympic team in 1988

Learning to control the over/under tie will give your wrestlers the advantage to score on their feet from what is traditional a 50/50 position. Duane Goldman's technique from the over/under tie will allow your wrestlers to dictate the action of the match and give them and advantage over opponents who would rather wrestle from an open position and are not comfortable in this tie. You increase your offensive capabilities, while limiting your opponent's attacks, by putting yourself in an advantageous position within the tie.

The over/under is one of the most common tie-up positions in the sport of wrestling, yet many wrestlers don't feel comfortable in this position. Coach Goldman shows solid technique from the over/under that will help you feel at ease and have you scoring on your opponents in no time. Traditionally, each wrestler has the same position and advantage from the over-under tie, but Goldman provides a strategy where a wrestler can have the advantage.

By implementing the techniques in Coach Goldman's Over/Under Series, you will:

  • Create an advantageous position in the Over/Under Position
  • Become comfortable in a position that many wrestlers are not comfortable in
  • Defend attacks from the Over/Under Position effectively
Coach Goldman teaches you several attacks from the over/under tie after advantage has been secured. He begins with a segment on turning the over/under into an underhook and a wrist combination. From this position, he shows a series of moves, including: arm drags, single and double leg takedowns, foot sweeps, throw-bys, inside and outside trips, ankle picks and throws. He then moves into the over/under.

He demonstrates how to gain the upper hand in this position and then he shows how to create scoring opportunities with a variety of setups that will lead to more leg attacks, body locks, headlocks, front headlocks and arm spins and throws, just to name a few.

Finally, Coach Goldman goes over defensive strategies when your opponent is attacking you from the over/under position. He teaches a variety of counters that will give you the confidence to stop your opponent's attacks and enable you to set up your offense and score on your opponent.

Learn to control your opponent, counter his offense and create your own offensive onslaught with this over/under tie-up series that, once perfected, will be hard to stop.

56 minutes. 2013.

"Coaches at every level can glean something from this video. It is packed with solid technique from a very effective control tie. It is without a doubt a DVD that I want in my video library."
- R. Milazzo, Roxana (IL) High School Head Wrestling Coach

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Cover: over under position: getting to your throw
Over Under Position: Getting to Your Throw
with Dennis Hall,
Head Coach for USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman program at the U.S. Olympic Education Center at Northern Michigan University;
1996 Olympic Silver Medallist, 1995 World Champion, 1994 World Bronze medalist

Dennis Hall has had great success in the Greco-Roman wrestling over the past 10 years. A key to his success has been the Over-Under and the throws he has been able to hit from the Over-Under; in this video he passes along some of the secrets of this set-up. He begins with a brief explanation of the Over-Under, followed by the key elements of the position. From there he breaks down six different moves from the Over-Under including: Lat Pull, Arm and Shoulder Throw, Inside Trip, Hip Toss, Wrap Throw, and his favorite, the Lateral. Hall also covers set-ups and includes a couple of back arch drills. This video shows your wrestlers the keys to executing their throws every time.

43 minutes. 2003.

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