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Cover: signature move series: cam simaz's ankle pick series
Signature Move Series: Cam Simaz's Ankle Pick Series

with Cameron Simaz,
South Dakota State University Assistant Coach;
former United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS) Associate Head Coach; helped lead the USMAPS 2017-18 team to an undefeated campaign;
4x All-American wrestler at Cornell University; NCAA National Title at 197 pounds (2012)

One of the prettiest takedowns in wrestling is the ankle pick, and in this video, you'll learn the ankle pick from one of the masters of the move: Cam Simaz!

The ankle pick is a safe technique that can be effective when you need to get two points. The information presented by Coach Simaz will help you increase the number of takedowns you get using the ankle pick.

Getting Started and Setups

Simaz leans on his past experience, which includes winning the individual NCAA Title in 2012 (Cornell), to explain and demonstrate three different techniques to get to the ankle pick. From there, he shows how to use head position, hand position, and foot movement setups to hit a shot.

Adjustments and Finishes

One of the keys to wrestling is to be able to anticipate what the opponent is going to do next before they actually do it. Coach Simaz addresses many of the different methods that opponents may use in reaction to an ankle pick. You'll also get various combinations of turks and cradles that can quickly put your opponent on their back.

Finally, Simaz demonstrates multiple finishes that will increase your chances of scoring. He even covers finishes from different wrestling styles (Folkstyle and Freestyle).

This is one of the most complete breakdowns of the ankle pick ever put together in one place. Coach Simaz has often used the ankle pick to his advantage, and with the help of this video, your wrestlers will soon be able to as well!

83 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: signature move series: kyle dake's claw series
Signature Move Series: Kyle Dake's Claw Series
with Kyle Dake, 4x National Champion for Cornell University;
first wrestler in NCAA history to win four NCAA titles at four different weight classes; 2013 Hodge Trophy winner, 4X NCAA Division I All-American; 2013 Sports Illustrated Male Collegiate Athlete of the Year

This is the video that all coaches and wrestlers have been waiting for!

Learn to wrestle and score from the claw position - the same series that took Kyle Dake to four NCAA championships. Kyle Dake demonstrates his favorite series as he takes you step-by-step through the series of tilts and turns that he has used to find success.

You'll see everything from how to start on top of your opponent all the way through several scoring opportunities that the Claw provides. Dake goes step-by-step through several types of common claw rides and how to use them to score and pin your opponent. He teaches wrestlers to not be afraid to go to their back in order to create scoring opportunities.

Dake divides his instruction into six parts:

Discover six drills that can be incorporated into your daily workouts that teach the basic fundamentals needed to be successful with this claw series. These drills will help you get comfortable when your back is compromised. Exposing your back is sometimes necessary to score, but control is imperative.

Learn how to establish and maintain control from a variety of positions, and pick up a few tricks that will help you feel at ease in these positions. In addition, coaches will learn how to make these drills both fun and competitive to maximize results.

Lining Up
Lining up properly from the top position can give wrestlers an advantage before the whistle even blows. They will learn how to "line up heavy" to make their opponent uncomfortable and take their mind off their defense. This will allow you to take charge and initiate your claw series.

The Claw
To successfully turn your opponents with the claw, you have to understand the intricacies of the move. Dake shows you the details of the move, along with the assorted transitions that go along with it. You will see how to apply the basic claw tilt with a thigh pry, deep waist, or wrist and how to make these transitions within the series to become an effective chain wrestler.

The Half Tilt
When your opponent stops your claw, you sometimes have to go to a peripheral move. The half tilt is one of those moves. The half tilt is very similar to the claw tilt and equally effective. You will learn how to transition from the claw to the half and its variations, including a knee switch. This is a simple change in direction that will create numerous turn opportunities when your opponent is fighting the claw.

Getting the Pin
Your team will score big points with the half tilt, but sometimes points aren't enough. Dake shows how to seal the deal and get the pin after securing back points. He teaches a power claw that can be used against opponents that are very strong and hard to turn and the step through turn for when your opponent flattens out.

Other Tilts
In addition to the claw tilt and the half tilt, you will learn to transition into a 2-on-1 tilt and a tight waist tilt and their variations. These transitions will provide you with a solid attack from a variety of angles.

This video is a superb resource for coaches who are teaching wrestlers how to wrestle from the top position. It is practical technique that will give your wrestlers the knowledge and the confidence they need to control, turn and pin their opponents.

It is hard to refute the effectiveness of this series after watching Dake use it to secure his fourth national title. By learning and mastering this claw series, you will undoubtedly improve from the top position and take your technique to the next level.

"[Dake] is an amazing teacher that many coaches can learn from right now, as he is still very cl

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Cover: championship signature move series: jesse delgado's single leg finishes and funk defense
Championship Signature Move Series: Jesse Delgado's Single Leg Finishes and Funk Defense
with Jesse Delgado,
2x National Champion, 3x All-American, 2x Big Ten Champion for the University of Illinois

Understanding how to wrestle through funk position has become increasingly important to both the offensive and defensive wrestler, as more wrestlers have acquired an advanced understanding of scrambling and have developed new techniques in those positions.

Jesse Delgado, two-time NCAA champion at the University of Illinois, made expert use of funk positions throughout his collegiate career. In this video, Delgado shares his unique take on a variety of basic and advanced techniques that will give your wrestlers the edge on their competition.

Single Leg Finishes

The best set-ups and penetration will be wasted if a wrestler can't finish his shots. Conversely, even a sloppy shot can be salvaged with a strong finish. Delgado starts by teaching basic single leg finishes, emphasizing proper positioning and avoiding the opponent's attempts at scrambling. He shows unique adjustments to these finishes to counter common reactions that give even the best wrestlers trouble.

Delgado shows his backdoor finishing series, which he used to finish most of his single legs attempts against the toughest competition in the country. You'll get his take on the position, which is different to a standard drive across and involves less hand switches, and how to finish when the opponent traps an arm.

Attacking the Opposite Side

To be a great wrestler you need to be able to attack both sides of the body. Delgado shows several high crotch set-ups for when he encounters stiff resistance to his head-inside single. He teaches several game-changing details to the entrance from the inside and outside ties, as well as a uncommon entrance against his opponent's underhook. Finally, he shows his unique low-shot entrance into the crackdown, with key details for avoiding the common scrambles in that position.

Single Leg Defense

Even the most aggressive wrestler will find himself with his opponent in on his legs. Before the opponent gets to your legs the first line of defense must be your head and hands. Delgado shows an excellent drill to train the heads and hands deal with the three most common leg attacks.

Delgado teaches a number of techniques that made it very difficult to score on him at the collegiate level and helped him win two National Championships.

  • Single leg defense - Delgado focuses on three moves, whizzer, Funk Roll and Carry Cradle. The whizzer features a unique baseball slide approach to the common kick-out defense. He shows an easy way to teach wrestlers how to enter the funk roll, which is one of Delgado's signature "funk" moves that helped make him such a great wrestler. With the Carry Cradle, you can get a takedown, back points or even a fall.
  • High crotch defense - Delgado teaches how to slip the shoulder in order to force the crackdown. This is an innovative roll-through series that will avoid the scrambles and stalemates that many wrestlers attempt.
  • Every technique shown is a difference-maker that can be adapted very quickly, that few of your wrestlers' opponents will be familiar with.

    55 minutes. 2015.

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    Cover: signature move series: chris perry's punishing leg ride series
    Signature Move Series: Chris Perry's Punishing Leg Ride Series
    with Chris Perry,
    2x NCAA Champion and 3x All-American for Oklahoma State University;
    2014 University World Silver Medalist; 2009 Junior Hodge Trophy winner

    Three-time All-American Chris Perry powered his way to two national titles with his tenacious offense. Now, he shares his techniques and tips in this comprehensive video.

    He covers all the important phases of riding and turning with the legs. Perry begins with how to get the legs in and finishes with how to get out of leg rides from your opponent. No longer will you just simply ride your opponent without scoring. Instead, you will be turning opponents with regularity and putting matches away with near falls and pins.

    Breakdowns to Leg Rides

    Learn how to gain an advantage over your opponent as soon as the whistle blows with breakdowns like the spiral ride, the chop, the claw and the choke over. From each of these breakdowns, you will learn how to throw the legs to create the ultimate pressure on your opponent while advancing into your pinning combinations.

    After showing these techniques, Perry details how to control your opponent with the legs using skills essential for mastering leg riding.

    Turns from the Top

    Discover multiple ways to turn your opponent with Chris Perry's unique and relentless style. You will learn the power half, the turk, the reverse crossface, arm bars and arm-bar tilts. You'll see what to do if your opponent closes up when you have their legs and how to use that defense to turn them. Perry will teach you to package these pinning combinations in a way that will keep your opponent off balance and vulnerable to the turn.


    When your opponent is defending one attack, Perry shows how you can easily transition into other attacks to further open up your ability to score from the top position. He demonstrates how to use the legs to transition from one technique to another, as well as how to use the legs to set up arm techniques. For example, Perry goes from turning his opponent and scoring to transitioning into a bar arm series.

    Defending the Legs

    Not only will you learn how to be great at turning with the legs, you'll also be able to escape your opponent's leg offense with Perry's tips for avoiding leg rides. His philosophy is simple: create space and separate your hips from the opponent's hips. This method is just as effective and easily applied to a crackdown position from a Hi-C.

    Your confidence will soar after applying these techniques taught by one of the best wrestlers in the nation. The techniques shown in this video are a difference maker that will transform athletes from struggling riders into top-notch turners and pinners.

    44 minutes. 2015.

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    Cover: signature move series: cliff moore's push back series
    Signature Move Series: Cliff Moore's Push Back Series
    with Cliff Moore, Edinboro University Assistant Coach;
    2004 NCAA Champion; 3x All-American at Iowa; Back-to-Back Big Ten Champion

    NCAA Champion Cliff Moore shares the bottom technique that made him one of the most difficult wrestlers in the country to ride. In a step-by-step demonstration, he shows you how to perform the push back and how to adapt it to overcome the most difficult wrestling rides.

    Top wrestling has become increasingly better in recent years so any new tools wrestlers can put in their repertoire will help them win at the highest level. The best top wrestlers are using the claw, tight waist and crab ride to immobilize the bottom wrestler. Coach Moore shows you how to beat these rides with his push back position.

    He begins with the fundamentals of the push back. He covers how to start from the bottom, how to drive through hips, how to crash the opposite side elbow and finally, how to react when the top man defends your positioning. He demonstrates a great drill for the beginning wrestlers that teaches them to switch hips as the top man digs for tight waists from side-to-side.

    From there, there are three ways to go: Stand up, tripod, or attack the head.

    • Stand up: Coach Moore shows how to attack hands properly to not give up wrists. He demonstrates a great drill to attack the top hand and put it into the pocket, which prevents opponents from using the opposite hand to lock up the wrists.
    • Tripod: The goal is to push back into the opponent, getting him to slide forward off your wrestler's shoulders. By continuing to use hand control, your wrestler can clear his hips and escape.
    • Switch: Coach Moore shows how to recover if the tight waist is close to your athlete's belly and also how to recover from the belly. A modified push back drill will get the opponent's weight off of your wrestler.

    Defending the Crab Ride, Tight Waist and Claw

    Crab Ride Defense: Coach Moore covers all three ways to reverse from a crib ride. He demonstrates many common positions and how to clear hips to get a reversal. He finishes by showing how to stand-up from a crab rider.

    Claw Ride Defense: Coach Moore starts by demonstrating how to get into the sit out/push back position when a claw is put in. It is crucial to keep the opponent's hips off and to stay down low. The keys to defending the claw all go back to the sit back position, picking a side and attacking hands. Coach Moore shows some instinctual positions that actually prevent your wrestlers from getting away and how those habits can be broken.

    Near Wrist/Bar Arm Defense: Coach Moore shows a technique that will eliminate a near wrist ride. He demonstrates how to get back to the basic push back position and how to transition from almost going to the back to getting to your feet and away.

    Coach Moore includes five specific drills to help inexperienced wrestlers grasp the fundamental positions needed to be effective, and he shows advanced wrestlers how repeatedly going to these positions can clear any position from the bottom.

    More and more wrestlers feel comfortable riding in a crab or claw and keeping opponents down on the mat. This series of techniques eliminates that advantage by using the top man's comfort and tightness to the bottom man's advantage.

    60 minutes. 2014.

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