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Cover: damion hahn: bottom position & stand-ups
Damion Hahn: Bottom Position & Stand-Ups

with Damion Hahn,
South Dakota State Head Coach;
former Cornell University Associate Head Coach; 2017 EIWA Champions - 11 consecutive EIWA Conference Championships (2007-17);
2x NCAA Champion and 4x All American (University of Minnesota; was part of 2 NCAA Championship teams);
2004 Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year award winner (top Big Ten male athlete)

Looking for something that will help to improve your wrestlers' chances of escaping? This video from South Dakota State head coach Damion Hahn provides the assistance you need to train athletes to use various stand-ups to escape. Learning the art of the stand-up is important for any wrestler looking to become a dominant force on the mat.

Coach Hahn presents a series of stand-ups that will help wrestlers of any level be able to get up and get out. This video showcases six different types of stand-ups that anyone can use, allowing individuals to become a 'Swiss army knife' if they want to adopt every stand-up style, or focus on one to make it their bread and butter. Hahn breaks down each stand-up into details that are easy to understand and teach to others.

Coach Hahn covers the inside leg, outside leg, knee slide, tripod, and the sit-out stand-ups. Watching this video will provide wrestlers the chance to discover what works for them. Next, Hahn covers the need for a wrestler to get off their belly and to their base. This creates an easy transition from the belly to a stand-up situation. Again, Coach Hahn breaks down how to build to the base using great attention to detail. He demonstrates what to do when the opponent is on your wrestler, as well as different positions on top.

Coach Hahn breaks down complex situations into simple steps that you can quickly implement into actionable technique in live matches. This video gives many tips that wrestlers of all ages will benefit from and will ensure that kids don't spend an inordinate amount of time on their belly or the bottom.

69 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: scoring from the bottom: second moves and chain wrestling
Scoring from the Bottom: Second Moves and Chain Wrestling
featuring Ken Chertow, US Olympian;
3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time.You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

US Olympian Ken Chertow believes "bottom wrestling is a fight," and that you must develop the "warrior attitude" when coming out from the bottom. In this instructional DVD, Coach Chertow will help improve your bottom wrestling and increase your ability to score big points.

Coach Chertow covers scoring from the bottom using variations of stand-ups, hip heists, or rolls, and he explains how to use these moves in combination with one another. These techniques will make your wrestlers more explosive and able to score from the bottom position. Topics covered include:

  • Drilling Stand-ups - Get to your feet using an explosive stand up, applying pressure back, gaining hand control and cutting off to face your opponent. A variety of partner and shadow drills are provided for a coach or wrestler to utilize.
  • Hip Heisting - Learn to use a powerful hip heist with your switch or sit-out to score 1, 2, or 5 points.
  • Rolls - Learn how the cut roll and cross wrist roll can be used for all ages and weight classes. See how to hit these moves when the top man is applying a lot of pressure down and a stand-up is not an option. Coach Chertow demonstrates these rolls with Peterson and headlock finishes to pin your opponent.
  • Advanced Granby Rolls - Execute the flip Granby and the "ninja flip", a standing Granby variation designed so you can escape from your toughest opponents.
  • Leg Ride Defense - There is no position more punishing for the bottom wrestler than when his opponent has his legs in. Learn to defend both parallel and cross body rides by "swimming out" or using the "kamikaze roll."
Coach Chertow also shares stories of his past accomplishments, both as an athlete and coach. This season, score points and explode from the bottom position!

85 minutes. 2012.

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Cover: jeff swenson: winning the whistle
Jeff Swenson: Winning the Whistle
with Jeff Swenson,
Augsburg College Athletic Director;
former Augsburg College Head Wrestling Coach;
10X NCAA Division III National Championship Coach;
13X MIAC Coach of the Year,
6X NWCA National Coach of the Year,
inducted into the NCAA Division III Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame in 2005

Coach Swenson's philosophy is to get the advantage as soon as the referee blows the whistle. Now, in this excellent demonstration clinic presentation, Swenson shows you how to gain the advantage - on top or underneath - at every whistle. He begins with the breakdown showing four moves that get the opponent heavy on their hands, which takes away nearly every offensive move. Swenson demonstrates Augsburg's main "busts" including their signature Lace Bust. Also shown are the traditional, chop, spiral and side busts, with Swenson putting his Augsburg spin on each. He moves to the down position and shows three escpes - the Inside Power Stand-up, Outside Stand-up and the Tripod Stand-up. In addition, for those times when your wrestlers don't win the whistle, Swenson cover "wrestling off your elbows." These techniques will get your wrestlers off their stomachs and back to their feet.


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Cover: bruce baumgartner: blueprint for heavyweight technique - from the feet
Bruce Baumgartner: Blueprint for Heavyweight Technique - From the Feet
with Bruce Baumgartner,
former Olympic, World and NCAA Champion;
member of the USA Wrestling Hall of Fame ('02);
1995 Sullivan Award winner

Arguably the greatest heavyweight wrestler in U.S. history, Bruce Baumgartner demonstrates how to be a dominant wrestler from your feet. He begins with a brief discussion on his keys to being a great wrestler. He hits on the importance of wrestling to your style, proper technique to attacking, controlling your opponent and more. The bulk of the DVD is dedicated to attacks off an underhook - a favorite position for Baumgartner. He concentrates on a series of finishes from the pass-by, pulling the opponent into you, pulling him down to the mat and the knee tap. Techniques covered include high crotch, front headlock, foot sweep step behind and more. Also included in his presentation are how to get an underhook, attacking and controlling the leg without going to a knee, single-leg finishes and sprawling. These techniques work for all styles of heavyweights at any level. Let Bruce Baumgartner help you put your heavyweights in position to dominate!

59 minutes. 2007.

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Cover: becoming a champion wrestler: stand-ups - the art of coming off the mat
Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Stand-ups - The Art of Coming Off the Mat
with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach;
2006, '05, '04, '03 NCAA Champions

The stand-up is a high percentage escape that is very complex. The technique for the stand-up has to be good or you won't be able to get away from a good rider. Coach Smith begins with his philosophy on the move and some key points on finding a base position that is comfortable for you. From there he demonstrates the inside leg stand-up - from the base position to getting away once you reach your feet. He goes step-by-step through the move, highlighting the key points as he goes along. From there he shows how to successfully hit the stand-up versus three common breakdowns - the chop, ankle pick and spiral ride. He also includes a stand-up variation for heavyweight wrestlers. Throughout the presentation, Smith calls on his brother, Lee Roy Smith, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, (and former Arizona State University Head Coach, World Silver medalist and NCAA Champion) to complement his teaching points. Through this DVD, Coach Smith presents the key points to help you get off the mat quicker and make the stand-up and make it your "go to escape."

45 minutes. 2006.

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