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Cover: high percentage throws and counter attacks
High Percentage Throws and Counter Attacks
featuring Ken Chertow, US Olympian;
3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time.You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

US Olympian Ken Chertow demonstrates the techniques and drills that will enable you to learn and master a wide array of throws.

Coach Chertow covers throws from the set up to completion, sharing tips and showing how throw attempts can be chained to set up other throws. Topics covered include:

  • Drilling the Back Arch and Back Step - You cannot execute any wrestling throw without learning these two basic skills.
  • Lateral Drop - Learn the proper technique and setups from Coach Chertow that will make this a high-percentage technique.
  • Step Around Knee Block - A safer alternative than the lateral drop, apply this signature technique of NCAA Champion Quentin Wright from an over-under or 2-on-1 tie.
  • Body Lock - Use this move with intensity and aggressiveness to drive your opponent to the mat.
  • Pinch Headlock / "Cruncher" - A powerful combination utilizing a collar tie and underhook to throw your opponent directly to his back.
  • Whizzer - Use this versatile overhook position as a takedown or as a setup to your other throws like the lateral drop and step around knee block.
  • Screwlock - This combination of an overhook and collar tie will put you in a great position to attack your opponent with a throw.
Coach Chertow demonstrates counter attacks after an opponent has captured a single leg, both from the head-inside and high crotch positions. These counter attacks include the bundle arm step over, the chest lock, nearside cradles when your captured leg is on the mat or in the air, the flying cement job, and the neck wrench. Defensive movement drills such as sprawls, spins, and hip heists are also covered.

Coach Chertow has developed his Gold Medal Training Camp System into one of the biggest and best in the nation. Coach Chertow will help you develop a philosophy and curriculum for teaching throws to your wrestling team. Order now and take advantage of the same winning techniques he has passed on to over 200 USAW, NHSCA, & AAU National Champions and over 500 High School State Champions!

66 minutes. 2012.

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Cover: arm spins & shoulder throws
Arm Spins & Shoulder Throws
with Rob Koll,
Cornell University Head Coach;
2010 NCAA Championships Runner-Up;
2010 EIWA Coach of the Year;
2005 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year;
4x EIWA Conference Champions (2010, '09, '08, '07);
2x World Cup Champion, NCAA Champ and 4x All-American

Rob Koll opens up his takedown repertoire and delivers two techniques to give you more options from your feet - the arm spin and shoulder throw. The versatility of these techniques will give you many options to score on your opponent. Coach Koll will show you how use these techniques from your feet or on the mat; to score two or get back points; or as a set-up for a high leg or low leg single or for a double leg takedown.

Beginning with the arm spin, Coach Koll demonstrates the keys to effectively hit the arm spin off an underhook and from a collar tie. To quickly learn the proper form, Koll shows a vital drill to clear your hips and successfully execute the move. In addition, Koll shows how the arm spin can be used as a set-up for a high- or low-level single leg takedown.

From a collar tie position, you will see the two keys that make this move effective, as well as how to hit a foot sweep using the arm spin movements. The arm spin, either from an underhook or a collar tie is a perfect high reward throw to use when getting pushed off the mat.

If your opponent drops his hips back to defend the arm spin, Koll teaches you how to load his hips into you for a shoulder throw. Calling on his background in Judo, Koll teaches you two variations of the shoulder throw, as well as how to use the throw as a set-up for the foot sweep.

As a bonus, Koll shows you a simple arm drag technique, complete with drills, that can pay big dividends on the mat. From his arm drag, Koll demonstrates three set-ups for a double leg, outside and inside leg singles, as well as a front headlock from the arm drag.

A perfect compliment to Coach Koll Foot Sweep Technique DVD (WRD-03029).

39 minutes. 2010.

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